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Impression Marketing is an internet marketing firm in Richmond VA. We are consultants that see a website as the nucleus of your marketing efforts, using other media to drive traffic there. Our services include marketing consultation, content marketing, web design and digital advertising. We consult and work directly with marketing directors and advertising firms. Contact or call us at (804) 464-1230 for a complimentary one-hour meeting.

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13807 Village Mill Dr, Ste 309, Midlothian, VA 23114

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    Want an easy and quick way to promote a tweet for $10, $20 or $40? Try Twitter Quick Promote. This is a tutorial to help you promote your first tweet the fast way in this new module. This new advertising initiative from Twitter Business is similar to “boosting” a post on Facebook. It’s the easy and fast [...]
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    Blogging helps you get found. When you craft blog posts around the common pain points of your target audience, answer questions they might have about your service/product and capitalize on keywords that connect to common search terms, you set up your business to be the solution your prospects are looking [...]
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    With smartphone and tablet technology becoming more advanced and accessible than ever and an extension of the physical person , it’s safe to assume that a large portion of your readers are accessing your content on a mobile device. While mobile web browsing is often thought of “on-the-go,” this study by [...]
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