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As an internet marketing company in Richmond VA,  we’re in business to get you business. Period. If you want more leads and sales email us or call (804) 464-1230.

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  • Healthcare Marketing: How can digital tools help me increase revenue?
    This is a presentation to a Practice Manager’s Group on how you can use existing digital tools, internet marketing and your website to increase hospital, practice and clinic revenue. It’s not all about buying fewer trash cans. It’s about setting patient expectations, making sure the [...]
    Apr 20, 2015 / No Comments
  • Meet Jillian Zemp
    Name: Jillian Zemp Position: Operations Manager Born: Omaha, Nebraska (probably don’t hear that very often) Industry Specialties: Project management, HR Education: B.S. in Psychology from VCU (Go Rams!) We have our own JZ. Tell me those aren’t cool initials! Upbeat and laid back with a dash [...]
    Apr 17, 2015 / No Comments
  • Are QR Codes Still Relevant? (Were They Ever?)
    When QR codes first starting popping up everywhere, they seemed like a great idea. After all, smart phones were becoming more pervasive by the second and the little scan-able black and white boxes in the windows of small businesses seemed logical, useful and even a little exciting. They were meant to be [...]
    Apr 16, 2015 / No Comments
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